Service Center

Complete Service Department for All Hydraulic Repair in Lincoln, NE

Testing Facilities: 300HP-6000 PSI, Test Stand

Cylinder Rebuilding: Complete Machine Shop with inventory for making new rods or tubes or complete special cylinders

Repairing: All brands of Pumps, Valves, Motors & Hydrostats

Steel Line: Bending & Flaring of steel line

Field Service: Onsite installations, troubleshooting & service

Hydraulic Hose: Custom making of hydraulic hose
G&P Polisher specially designed to polish and remove imperfections,         
from chromed rods, up to 7.5’ long and 9” in diameter. 

Machining of cylinder parts

Machining of parts

30 Ft Disassembly Table with cylinder testing power unit

Disassembly table for cylinder repair and testing

Pressure test cylinders up to 5000 psi

Testing cylinders

Field Service

Field Service

Bending of Steel Line

Machine to bend steel line

Hydraulic torque wrench capable of 50,000 ftlb of torque. Capability of testing cylinders up to 5000 psi with booster pump

Nut buster for hydraulic cylinders
Servicing all sizes of cylinders
Lapping parts to a near mirror finish accurate within 0.0001 flatness.
Lapping parts
Complete honing service by service department in Lincoln, NE
All work guaranteed unless otherwise stated. We offer 1-year warranty on parts & repairs.
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